Herald of the Institution: RAMP attracted $ 70 million, and Archax – $ 28.5 million

Herald of the Institution: RAMP attracted $ 70 million, and Archax – $ 28.5 million

The cryptocurrency industry is attracted by an increasing number of institutional players. This is evidenced by new investments in infrastructure and more https://gagarin.news/news/de-fi-fraud-how-to-protect-yourself/ close attention, which companies show to bitcoin as a class of assets. The most important events of the last weeks are in the FORKLOG review.

The RAMP cryptocurrency startup attracted $ 70 million

RAMP infrastructure cryptostartap has attracted $ 70 million during the round of financing of series B. It was headed by Mubadala Capital and Korelya Capital with the participation of Cogito Capital’s venture company and the current investor Balderton Capital.

The main product of the RAMP based in London and Warsaw is a set for the development of payment for. It allows users to buy cryptocurrencies through debit and credit cards, bank transfers and Apple Pay, both on the startup platform and outside.

According to the founder of RAMP Shimon Sipnevich, 70% of the volume of payments falls on Europe and the USA. The company considers options for expanding activities in Mexico, Brazil, Japan and South Korea.

ARCHAX British crypto -tank has attracted $ 28.5 million

The Licensed British Exchange Archax attracted $ 28.5 million following the round of financing of series A.

Among the participants: Bitrock Capital, Blockchain Coinvestors and Tezos Foundation. The round was headed by the investment company ABRDN. The latter manages assets worth $ 619 billion and is the largest shareholder of the adjustable exchange.

Archax provides institutional investors with the opportunity to store and trade various digital assets and securities.

Braavos cryptochene attracted $ 10 million from Pantera Capital

The startup Braavos, standing for the development of the cryptocurrency wallet of the same name, attracted $ 10 million in the funding round led by Pantera Capital.

Among other investors: Road Capital, BH Digital, DCVC, Crypto.Com, Matrixport and Starkware.

Based on the second level of Starknet to scaling Ethereum from the latest startup from Israel, created its cryptocurrency comprehensive solution.

The wallet team seeks to offer users the possibility of independent storage of digital assets by simplifying operations with SEED-frages and private keys.

The application is available both in the browser version and in the mobile for devices on iOS and Android. BRAAVOS combines the traditional possibilities of storing and transferring assets with access to decentralized applications.

According to CEO BRAAVOS Motti Lavi, the developers see their mission “in eliminating obstacles to users” while maintaining the advantages of “decentralization and independent storage”.

Cryptobank Caitlin Long attracted $ 7 million

Castododia cryptocurrency (previously Avanti) attracted $ 7 million. The company did not reveal information about investors.

In March 2021, the startup also called Avanti attracted $ 37 million as part of the round of financing of series A. Binance became investors.US, Coinbase Ventures, Morgan Creek Digital and other institutions.

Now the total amount of funding attracted by Custodia reached $ 51 million.

Web3 Startap XTernity attracted $ 4.5 million in the pre-sowing round

The XTernity startup specializing in the web3 infrastructure for gaming has attracted $ 4.5 million based on the results of the pre-sowing round of financing.

It was headed by the venture company NFX, specializing in the early investment stages. Among other participants: Jibe Ventures, Flori Ventures, Secret Chord Ventures and Vgames.

The XTernity startup based in Israel is designed to help publishers of the games to implement the Web3 components, including NFT. For this purpose, the company has developed a No-Code platform that supports Polygon, Immutablex, Solana, BNB Chain, Celo and Ethereum blockchains.

Ten people are currently working in XTernity. The company plans to replenish the staff five more developers.

NCSOFT became a partner of the SUI developer after investment for $ 15 million

Sui Web3-Starten Labs, standing behind the blockchain project, announced a strategic partnership with the South Korean developer and publisher of the online game NCSOFT.

The company founded in 1997 is primarily known for the game franchises Lineage, Aion, Guild Wars and Blade & Soul.

As part of cooperation, NCSOFT invested $ 15 million in Mysten during the round of financing of the series in $ 300 million in September. It was headed by FTX Ventures, and the assessment of the startup in the results reached $ 2 billion.

Partners will consider the possibility of joint creation of entertainment applications based on the Sui blockchain. The network was the first product Mysten, launched in 2021, ex-employees of META to work on Diem project.

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  • Leadblock Partners attracted $ 150 million to the crypto fund.

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